Persistence in Temperature- Sharing Happiness

From the beginning, no one imagined that a tiny dream could turn out to be so big.

Feeling 18℃ Hand Made Chocolate started as an online venture in 2006. The brand name 18℃ was inspired by the fact that the temperature of 18 ℃ is perfect for the production, preservation and flavor of chocolate; it also ensures optimum quality. Our focus on temperature was not only our original intention, it is also our unchanging promise. Our determination in maintaining the chocolate's quality has been well received by the public; consequently, a brick-and-mortar store was created in the small town of Puli in 2007. We took a gamble and chose to open a store in a residential neighborhood because we wished to establish a foothold in Puli; in so doing, we have avoided storefront rentals in an urban area and instead focused our investment on good food ingredients to produce premium chocolates that deserve to be savored and appreciated.

The fruits of our dedication have been acknowledged and cherished by the public. Our patrons enthusiastically pass on their thoughts about our chocolates to others, and this in turn has made Feeling 18℃ an essential tourist destination in Puli. At Feeling 18℃, we are not complacent about our achievements, and we always strive to refine our products. In 2009, the natural low-fat, low-sugar "Gelato18 Italian ice cream" was launched; it reshaped people's impressions of ice cream. The delicious ice cream topped with nothing but fresh fruit is a healthy dessert choice. In 2010, in order to reduce wait times for chocolates, we handpicked some of the signature products in the store to create a fast selection and checkout area. On September 18 of the same year, we opened a "Baumkuchen 18" bakery; Japanese technology was introduced, where imported Japanese flour and premium Taiwanese longan honey are combined and painstakingly baked to produce Baumkuchen, a kind of layered cake. We do not dare to be complacent and aim to uphold our persistence towards delicacy.
At Feeling 18℃, we have proven that diligence and determination can ultimately realize any dream! Besides our three existing brands, we intend to provide delectable handmade jam, exquisite baked biscuits and unique flavored fruit pastries in the future. In addition, Feeling 18℃ is currently expanding overseas, and consumers in Hong Kong and China will soon be able to enjoy the happy sweetness of Feeling 18℃.