Quality Assurance

For chocolate chefs at Feeling 18℃, the kitchen is constantly permeated with a pleasant aroma and the refreshing ambiance of autumn. Under the constant temperature of 18℃, their dedication and passion are blended into each chocolate.
Before delivering chocolates to patrons, our colleagues provide thoughtful reminders and cold packs to ensure that the chocolates stay at a constant 18℃ in order to preserve their flavor.

Nama chocolates that melt in your mouth have always been our signature product.

The rich cocoa flavor is simply irresistible. The finest raw materials from France and Belgium are imported, while each production step is painstakingly controlled. After 24 hours of aging, each plate of Nama chocolate is sprinkled with cocoa powder, hand cut and gently placed into the packaging box. The meticulously prepared Nama chocolate is sold within four days for optimal freshness. This is our insistence on quality; our pride and sincerity have not changed over the years. Each box of Feeling 18℃ chocolate delivered to you is guaranteed to be fresh and full of flavor.

The "Stuffed Chocolate" collection's elaborate, delicate handmade procedure ensures the flawless presentation of Taiwanese-style chocolate using unique local food ingredients such as: Assam black tea from Sun Moon Lake, organic edible roses from Puli, sweet & sour mulberry red yeast vinegar and the special fragrance of angelic leaves. These magnificent ingredients come together with chocolate to culminate in an irresistible, delicious flavor.

Persistence in Temperature – Sharing Happiness. We welcome you to experience and appreciate the sweetness of Feeling 18℃.